Security mesh layout engine

Automated layout engine for generating security mesh designs.… Continue reading Security mesh layout engine

Secure mobile point-of-sales device

Development of a secure mobile point-of-sales device for concept to production.… Continue reading Secure mobile point-of-sales device

Mine safety and tracking system

Ad-hoc wireless network designed to track personnel and vehicles underground. Provides increased safety trough tracking and collision avoidance, as well as communication and telemetry. … Continue reading Mine safety and tracking system

Current and voltage data logger

Firmware development for a low-power current and voltage logger.… Continue reading Current and voltage data logger


Distributed satellites systems, task allocation & market-based control

Using market-inspired mechanisms to efficiently allocate task with minimal overhead in power-constrained and dynamic network of satellites.… Continue reading Distributed satellites systems, task allocation & market-based control

Electromagnetic fault-injection in electronic circuits.

A research project to explore electromagnetic fault injection.… Continue reading Electromagnetic fault-injection in electronic circuits.

Radiation, FPGAs & soft-core processors

Development of a radiation tolerant soft-core processor implemented on SRAM FPGAs. Fault injection to test the resilience of different designs, and proton irradiation to validate.… Continue reading Radiation, FPGAs & soft-core processors


Optimising a Jansen walker with genetic algorithms

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest kinetic sculptures instantly inspire awe and wonder, and rightly so.  In describing the process used to design the original sculptures, he refers to using computational optimisation to derive the optimal dimensions for his linkages.  This is a problem I particularly enjoy: using software algorithms to model and solve  problems in the physical… Continue reading Optimising a Jansen walker with genetic algorithms

DIY glass blowing

Building a kiln for glass blowing.… Continue reading DIY glass blowing

USB current meter

In-line current meter for developing USB-powered development.… Continue reading USB current meter

Van Leeuwenhoek microscope

My reproduction Van Leeuwenhoek microscope, made of brass and glass.  Scientific instrument making, 1700-style. Read more.